Holistic Mind-Body-Spirit Based Approach

Psychotherapy & Mental Wellness

Holistic & Compassionate Support

We provide a comfortable, positive, and client focused approach that is helpful for working through difficult issues, overcoming trauma, and addressing mental health and wellness needs from a holistic stand point.  We aim to bring to light the associations between: diet, stress, support systems & resources, family history, and life experiences- to how YOUR body, mind, & spirit have been responding.

Counseling modalities vary widely.  An initial intake session will help determine the most effective modalities based on your individual needs and personality type. 

Therapy Session


A functional approach to bio-individuality and the foundations of health


Comprehensive Functional Evaluation and Assessment

Get individualized nutrition and supplement recommendations and lifestyle protocols

This in-depth interview, functional evaluation and assessment uses your body's innate intelligence system to design a highly personalized nutrition plan.


Supporting your success with life, health, and career coaching

Refrigerated Goods

Embrace a New Lifestyle

Do you know what you “should” be doing, but need some extra support, encouragement and accountability? Health and Wellness Coaching can you balance work/home life challenges, organize thoughts and priorities, improve performance, and provide ongoing empowering support as you blossom into the YOU that you desire to be.


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