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What are the
ways we can help?

We strive to improve holistic health and wellness conditions in communities of color by providing accessible and relatable services.

Mental Wellness Counseling

We provide a comfortable, positive, and client focused approach that is helpful for working through difficult issues, overcoming trauma, and addressing mental health and wellness needs from a holistic stand point.  We incorporate techniques that promote identification and use of your strengths and talents, relaxation, and self care.


Counseling modalities vary widely.  A 15-minute complimentary consultation call will help determine if we're the best fit for your individual needs and personality type.  


Services are available to Washington State residents in the privacy and convenience of your own home by phone or secure video messaging.

iNfinitely Well Holistic Wellness PLLC provides convenient, compassionate, and culturally respectful counseling and social work services in Washington State.  Our clinicians use an eclectic blend of therapeutic techniques that are personalized to fit your needs. 

We treat a wide range of mental health and personal challenges, including: 


  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Adult ADD/ADHD 

  • Adjustment & Transitions

  • Emotional Eating

  • Self-Esteem & Body Image

  • Stress Management

  • Grief & Loss 

Our work respects your unique background, and we provide culturally responsive services that are affirming. We integrate an anti-oppressive lens into our practice that's client-centered and holistic. We are working to decolonize the way healing happens in therapy.

How we work?

First, we honor the truths. You are not broken, and you are the holder of answers you seek. Then we try:


Sometimes just being heard, seen, and understood is enough to break free of old patterns and ways of thinking.  In a safe space, you can lay it all on the table and truly begin to uncover and discover more about who you really are, and what you want to do differently.  Talking with a trained clinician provides you opportunity to receive professional non-judgmental and non-biased feedback, and focused attention on the goals that you want to achieve in therapy.  

*Try Walk n' Talktherapy for the added benefits of fresh air, nature, and movement.


*Try Light Talktherapy to beat seasonal sadness, improve mood, focus and energy. 

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Maintain greater balance and control in dealing with stress and develop skills to avoid emotional and physical depletion.  Learn to embrace the moment with mindfulness meditations to restore a sense of well-being no matter what challenges you face. Explore your deepest inner resources of mind, body, and spirit, and tap into your inner sources of personal renewal.  Discover a deeper sense of wellness, balance, self-reliance and inner freedom.  Practice mindfulness exercises, body scans, tapping, meditation, yoga and more!

Mindfultherapy + Yoga

Mind-Body Support for Depression, Anxiety & Trauma

Life throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond to certain situations. With Mindfultherapy + Yoga sessions, you’ll learn about acceptance and how to exert your power of choice over whatever life may throw at you, along with yoga poses and sequencing that support emotional empowerment. This is a safe and gentle way of bringing awareness to the body and encourages connection and contentment by focusing the mind and redirecting the attention to the breath.


An art interpretation and impression therapy experience. 

reviewing and revealing..

reliving and relieving.... 

releasing and repairing....

resolving and re-associating...

Artist often write, sing, and express some of their most personal, painful, and intimate experiences in the form of art.  The expression is relief... however, relief doesn’t necessarily resolve underlying problems, or repair the damage these problems cause.  

By reviewing and interpreting your choice of personal expressions, we will work together to release negative emotions associated with your experiences.  With the entire picture in mind, you can consciously challenge the painful memories that have been buried beneath your beautiful artistry.


Journaling and Interpretation Therapy

Journaling can be one of the most therapeutic processes that one can do in the privacy of your own space.  It provides the author with the opportunity to reflect on past and identify patterns that may be helpful or hindering.  We will help you identify your strengths and patterns, and help interpret the areas in your life that may have you stumped.   

Guided Meditation

Have you tried meditating on your own, but realize that you would benefit from assistance?  We provide personalized guided meditation practices that can help reduce depression and anxiety, increase energy, and improve mental focus.

Relaxation Therapy

We offer a variety of relaxation and calming techniques including: progressive relaxation, guided imagery, slow diaphragmatic breathing, discrimination between relaxation and tension.  We teach you how to implement these practices into your lifestyle to help alleviate stress and promote a healthy and well balance lifestyle.

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