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Need support on a project or case and want a social workers perspective?

We provide a comfortable, positive, and client focused approach that is unique to your needs.  A brief consultation session will help determine the most effective services based on your unique needs.

Schedule a 20-minute phone consultation now!


Services are available in the privacy and convenience of your own home or office by phone or secure video messaging.

Services & Descriptions

::Multicultural Counselors Consultation::

Multicultural Counselors Consultation group is a safe place for counselors of color to grow, bond and build with one another.  I facilitate the Seattle area consult groups which are held on the 2nd Saturday of each month from 10:00am – 12:00pm. ✓Please mark your calendars and Register to join here! Location and details will be sent upon RSVP confirmation.


::Professional Consultation::

Are you stuck and need assistance getting out of the “box”.  Need assistance with a challenging client or case?  I provide professional consultation to attorneys, investigators, clinicians, small business owners, artists, and schools. 


::New Practice Development Consultation:: 

Are you a healer of color looking to start or expand your private practice but find that something is holding you back?  You're not alone!  Many feel like an imposter, isolated and alone, and worry that they wont be able to earn a living.  We will leverage your unique style & strengths, confront common fears & doubts, create opportunities, and expand your network.  

::Success Strategies Consultation:: 

Are you a healer of color ready to build and grow your private practice?  Are you struggling with the logistics around getting and retaining clients, marketing your services, or feeling ill equipped to run your own business.  This consultation provides strategies for marketing, engaging, and retaining your ideal clients while building the private practice of your dreams!  Individual Coaching is available and recommended to support your growth.  


::Career & Business Development Consultation::

Career and Business Development Consultation provides professionals of all disciplines across the public, non-profit, and private sector with the skills and tools to actualize their greatest potential of success.  I combine strategic goal planning and visioning to help you identify and achieve your goals. 


::Do ‘till done workshops::

These workshops are project based and specifically developed to fit your needs.  These workshops provide project oriented support, action planning, and facilitation for those projects that have lost focus or need inspiration and direction. 

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