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Ms. Nichelle Alderson, FNTP, LICSW

Founder, Holistic Health Therapist, Coach & Consultant

My name is Nichelle Alderson. I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by nature, arts, & culture. I am passionate about holistic health, social justice, and education and have often been described
as a visionary, a conduit, and a natural healer (and health nut).

I have lived all of my years as an AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN in many roles, as a: daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, wife and ex-wife, and for most of the past 20 years, as single MOTHER, which brings it’s own set of additional roles: nurse, teacher, disciplinarian, advocate, role-model, etc. I am all of these identities combined while in my roles as a entrepreneur, healer, clinician, artist, student, American, etc. (all of that to say, I understand being a complex being).

In my spare time, I enjoy organic vegetable gardening, live music, dancing, yoga, being in nature, writing, and playing with animals (I am a bit of an animal whisperer). I love God and spending alone time in prayer and meditation.❣️


Ms. Nichelle Alderson, FNTP, LICSW
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