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Mai Nguyen (They/Them) Clinical MSW Candidate | University of Washington

Holistic Mental Wellness Intern

A little about me...

I am passionate about holistic wellness and decolonization as a way of life. As a queer, “1.5 generation” Vietnamese-American, holding multitudes is a strength I want to explore in community. I believe everyone should be given space to have autonomy, hope and dreams.

I’m committed to learning and growing with each and every one of you. 

My goal is to center QTBIPOC’s lived experiences to understand ancestral and cultural strengths that have been pushed away by oppressive structures such as racism and capitalism. It is my greatest honor to witness people come home to themselves. I believe a healing therapeutic relationship can look many different ways and am interested in exploring a combination of traditionally Western approaches with mindfulness and somatic modalities.  


In my spare time, I love practicing joyful movement, junk journaling and taking lots of pictures of my bunnies. 

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