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    Sam Michaels (She/Her and They/Them)

Mental Wellness Intern

A little about me...

I’m currently working toward my Masters in Social Work while specializing in Community-Centered Integrative Practice. This focus helps me work with fellow travelers–those journeying through life’s varying phases and relationships–from a lens of decolonization, transformative justice, and mental wellness that is holistic and person-centered. I am a Black woman and a daughter of immigrants. Chicago is my hometown however, my nomadic spirit has led me to also live in South Korea, Morocco, and Spain. My three years on unceded Duwamish land have led me to connect with my love for art, social justice, and collective liberation. On a given day, you can catch me painting, practicing yoga & meditation, or playing with my two cats, Phoebe and Peanut.

Approach to Therapy 

Decolonizing the therapeutic space and removing the power dynamics in therapy are very important to me. As a result, I refer to myself and the people who receive my services as thought partners, facilitators, wounded healers, and fellow travelers. Fellow travelers might be my favorite term because it brings an imagery of us moving together through emotional states, stages in life, and relationships. 


To inform my practice, I use professional training, lived experience, and ongoing learning from peers in the helping profession.I consider the travelers I work with healers themselves–they have light within them that we can work together to bring out. That said, with lightwork, comes the reality of needing to address the dark stuff, the parts of ourselves that we may not like to talk about with others or even with ourselves. Our sessions hold space for all parts of you.


My therapeutic style, which I refer to as “cozy lightwork” is reflective of my core values which are radical self-love, anti-racism, spirituality, and transformative justice. I believe there is light within all of us, especially when we feel we are at our darkest, lowest points in life. You can refer to this light as joy, love, wellness, inner peace, spiritual health, etc.

“Comfortable in my skin, cozy with who I am. I love myself, goddamn. Cozy.”       

- Cozy by Beyoncé


The “cozy” piece refers to the space I share with the people receiving my services. It is not only a safe space, it is also a space where you are invited to be your authentic self and as comfortable as you see fit. 


All are welcomed however, I specialize in the needs and services of:

  • People of Color

  • Immigrants & Second-/Third-Generation Americans

  • Helping Professionals

  • Travelers, Transplants, and Nomads

  • Current and former Sex Workers

  • Queer and Polyamorous folx


Thank you and be well. 

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