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Essences are a beautiful way to gently familiarize yourself with plant medicine. Plant essences are a process of capturing the energetic properties of plants–the ways they can support our spiritual and energetic well being. 


Yarrow (he’haeheseeo’otse in Cheyenne) is a plant relative you have probably walked by many, many times, as it is one that grows all over the continent, and actually all over the world! It’s somewhat delicate white flowers extending from hardy stalks with feathery leaves. You will see it in so many climates, from the dryer forest regions to the shores of the Salish Sea. 


When we aren’t feeling our safest, if we are working on holding intentional and sacred space for ourselves, for the times we are struggling to hold boundaries, and even if we need more understanding and honoring the boundaries of others, yarrow is there for us as a protective shield. It’s a powerful medicine for those with higher sensitivities to the energy around them. Its use across so many nations and continents also makes it ancestor medicine. For those of us carrying multiple lineages, especially those that at times seem in conflict with each other, yarrow can provide a connector that all of our ancestors have in common, offering grace, healing and validation for times when our identities feel fractured. 


Take 5-10 drops as needed to access the energetic support of beautiful yarrow.


Please allow 5-7 days for products to be shipped. 


  • Homegrown yarrow flower essence, filtered water, organic apple cider vinegar, and organic raw honey.

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