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A Blackberry flower essence to inspire confidence and unapologetic expansion. 


Expand was conceived on a hot summer day when the blackberry flowers were thick and fat honey bees made the air hum as they bounced from petal to petal. 


Seeing the blackberry vines growing so quickly and fiercely that they actually pushed themselves through the edges of my window frame, I found myself inspired by their abundance, fierceness, confidence, and the complete lack of hesitation to take up space that these delicate light purple flowers extending from such tough vines represented. These blackberry blossoms said, here, we have confidence to spare, and so the Expand essence was born. 


There are many times where we could use that fearless blackberry blossom energy, and here it is, carefully crafted into a sweet essence. For those days when you are feeling a little less certain, maybe a little bit hesitant, a little bit fearful, but know that there is power, strength and confidence within you that is there for you to access. For those times where something or someone has tried to make you feel small, but you’re not going to let them. Let Expand support you. 


Take 5-10 drops under the tongue. Stand and stretch your arms out wide, taking up as much space as possible. Know that you’re right where you’re supposed to be. 


Please allow 5-7 days for products to be shipped. 


  • Ethically wildcrafted Blackberry flower essence, filtered water, organic apple cider vinegar, and organic raw honey.

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