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A gentle energetic and spiritual essence to lovingly support you during times of grief, transition, or when you are in need of reflection. 


Lilacs bloom out brilliantly every year signaling the return of spring, but come and go quickly, representing the in-between spaces, the transition times. While they only share their beauty and sweet scent for a short time each year, it can hold us in our own liminal spaces or times of grief that may pull us out of our routines, and reflection and deep self-care can help us integrate these experiences into our knowing. This essence captures that love and magic of the lilac so it can deepen the awareness, naming, and restoration we need to get through those times. Star of Bethlehem joins lilac here as its essence is a potent support for grief and shock–when we are thrust into change or transitions we did not expect. Essences of rose quartz, a heart stone of deep love, and amethyst, a stone to support gentle grounding, healing, transformation and clarity round out this blend. 


Take 3-5 drops under the tongue or in water as needed. 

Brave New Moon

  • Essences of Lilac, Star of Bethlehem, Amethyst and Rose Quartz. Crafted under the spring sun and a New Moon. Also contains filtered water and alcohol.

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