Allow my to introduce myself...

I am a part of a long family and cultural legacy of resilience and healing in the face of struggle. Because of this, I have a deep belief in the ability of individuals, families and communities to draw on their own strengths for healing. I want to walk alongside individuals as they discover and tap into these reserves, combining them with my therapeutic skills in order to support growth and healing. We may have experienced intergenerational and historical trauma, but we also have long traditions of joy and resistance.

I am of mixed Indigenous and European descendancy, and come from a long line of strong women who have both resisted and been defined by the erasure of Indigenous identities by settler colonialism. The work of reconnecting to our cultures and communities can be humbling, slow and painful and I am interested in supporting others as they too embrace this journey.


My work centers on providing mental health support informed by the effects of historical trauma and racism on our minds, bodies and spirits, with the knowledge that many treatment options are inadequate in addressing this. I am also mindful of the lack of access to healers who reflect our identities. The unique mixed-race experience that can often leave us feeling out of place and uncomfortable with ourselves informs my work.

I hope to serve clients who are working to heal from past or recent traumas, who are struggling with their mental health, who are facing a current mental or emotional difficulty, and who experience the added stress of historical trauma and racism. In addition, I want to support and acknowledge that many mixed and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) folks have often experienced oppression from non BIPOC therapists, which is a retraumatizing experience that also adds emotional labor to clients who are there for healing.

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My Philosophy & Approach

My clients can expect me to:

  • Understand the feeling of being “other” than the dominant culture

  • Be accountable for moving beyond cultural competence to cultural responsiveness

  • Have the skill to explore how oppression has affected their lives and mental health

  • Provide trauma-informed therapy, focus on healing, use evidence based practice but to also defer to cultural knowledge, and tailor their experience to their specific needs

  • To believe in their inherent strength, ability and resilience that allows them to define themselves as more than their trauma or mental illness

  • To honor their culture as a source of strength, healing and knowledge

  • Provide gentle, non-judgmental therapy that makes clients feel safe

  • Provide a space where we can decolonize the therapeutic approach


My experience and strengths includes providing strong, trauma informed advocacy for survivors of Intimate Partner Violence and their children, centering the visions these families had for themselves as they healed. I have provided therapeutic support to children in the Foster Care system, helping them articulate and process their experiences and build resilience, and initiated support for their families and relatives who are also experiencing disparity through oppressive state and social institutions. Clients that I have served have stated that they feel safe with me, that I have gained their trust and that they do not worry about feeling judged. I have often heard “you really get it” as we work together addressing the traumas they’ve experienced, the goals they have set for themselves, and the inequities they experience. I have a strong knowledge of ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and how they affect adults when unresolved. My knowledge of Historical Trauma and oppression informs all my work, as well as my knowledge of family systems and Intergenerational Trauma and how they impact mental health. My measure of my skill as a healer or educator is how supported clients feel in actualizing their own goals, knowledge and resilience rather than imposing my expertise.


Currently I am an intern at Infinitely Well, as I pursue my MSW with the goal of becoming a Licensed Social Worker who provides counseling and consultation in my own private practice.. I welcome any inquiries about my work! 

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