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   Brittney Kelley (She/Her) LSWAIC

Holistic Mental Wellness Counselor

A little about me...


As an advocate for new mothers of color, I am committed to addressing the unique challenges you face while balancing multiple responsibilities. I seek to improve maternal care, outcomes and overall wellness by providing a safe space to support you on your journey through motherhood. I prioritize a holistic approach to mental health recognizing the nterconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. I believe therapy promotes healing, builds
confidence, and aligns you to the truth and the light that dwells within you.

Approach to Therapy 

I utilize a person centered, relational, and strength-based approach through an equity and
social justice lens.
My work is focused on providing holistic support and wellness strategies that empower you to
not only manage your daily tasks but also to prioritize your mental and physical health.
I have a deep understanding of the unique complexities of navigating the challenges of
adjusting to parenthood. I have experience in working with individuals dealing with depression,
anxiety, post-partum anxiety/depression, birth trauma, and life transition.

I am committed to empowering you to prioritize self-care, build resilience, and cultivate a
sense of well-being during this transformative time of your life.
Some of the tools that I may use include:
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Motivational Interviewing
Self-Compassion and Self-Care Strategies

By focusing on wellness, I strive to help you feel supported and capable as you navigate the
intricacies of caregiving and personal well-being.
I am excited about the opportunity to promote healing in your life and walk alongside you on
this journey of personal growth as a witness and guide.

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