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Alexandra Wong Appel (She/Her) Clinical MSW Student | University of Washington

Holistic Mental Wellness Intern

A little about me...

I am a mixed Cantonese woman currently living on occupied Duwamish lands and who was raised on occupied Kumeyaay lands. I am currently seeking my Master's in Clinical Social Work at the University of Washington. It is my privilege to engage in practices of collective care which remain client-centered and cognizant of the intermingling of historical and individual traumas.


Decolonizing ourselves from the oppressive systems which implicitly and explicitly exert force on us and to bravely seek joy and abundance is a mission which fuels me. In our collaborative work, I honor a narrative approach in examining the story of your life as it arcs toward greater wellness and an embodiment of self-dignity, power, and liberation. I enjoy work with individuals of color, young adults, multiracial/mixed individuals, and older adults. I hope to provide a space for both your pain and joy to be held as we engage in collective care together.

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