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I wish I had done this yesterday!


I am enjoying the process, because I have someone to keep me accountable since I have to report by progress.


So that days like ____, I can refuocs on the things that I have to do


A challenge to do something new, and have someone give ideas and resources…(remind me) of things I've done


I really like that you wrote down everything that I said.  Because it's easy for me to say (to self) and to hear it back helps it to stick and to be real, rather than a theatrical play in my head.


You gave me tasks to do.  I like tasks.  And you applied the tasks to something that I am working on.




Nichelle, you are truly a great "holder of space" for great dialogue, development and LOVE to happen.  Thank you for all the work and integrity you bring to our group! Michelle Majors 10/23/13



"I look forward to learning more about details such as things to be covered, pricing etc... Thanks for doing it - how exciting! 


It is always so exciting and feels good to be in your consult groups. Thanks for all the effort you make to help our success. -Tsion 4/4/16"

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