Simone Bullinger  (She/Her/They)

Holistic Mental Wellness Counselor Intern

A little about me...

I am a mixed race, queer Womxn of Nigerian and German heritage residing upon unceded Coast Salish lands.


I am currently a second year Masters in Counseling Psychology at Bastyr, and am completing my practicum at Infinitely Well.


There are a few fundamental beliefs that inform the way that I approach my work: the value of healthy familial structures and tribal support, the value of some type of grounding spiritual belief, a connection to nature/Source and the cultivation of each of these systems into a fluid ecosystem that leads to whole-person healing. 

Approach to Therapy 

I approach my work from a Humxn centered lens, acknowledging the biopsychosocial and epigenetic implications of intersectionality and oppression.


Among the most important of my motivations to become a therapist is the decolonization of the work.


I am passionate about providing holistic, spiritual healing to BIPOC families, and in particular, Americans of Afrikan descent.


I approach my practice through a culturally informed and global lens in an attempt to remove the social stigmas around help-seeking and holistic wellness for BIPOC people.