Shariah headshot.jpg

Shariah Hunt (She/Her), MA, LMHCA

Holistic Mental Wellness Counselor 

A little about me...

I am a Black and Cambodian woman, born and raised on the unceded lands of the Coast Salish peoples (PNW). At the core of my practice is a holistic awareness, trauma-informed care, and social justice advocacy. I enjoy collaborating with people of color to access their innate healing power, reclaim ancestral knowledge, and achieve their vision of wellness.

I practice with the beliefs that everyone is resilient, has the power to heal themselves, and is the expert of their own story.  I have an interest in supporting those ready to process grief, trauma, life transitions, perinatal mental health, interpersonal challenges, multicultural and Queer, Trans, Non-binary, Black, Indigenous and POC experiences.

I am also a trained Reiki Master Teacher with five years of practice. I offer energy work through individual sessions and group offerings.

I find joy expressing my creativity through dance-sewing-art, being out in nature, energy work, lots of play, cooking a good meal, honoring spirit, and loving on my community.

Approach to Therapy 

Our struggles and challenges do not happen in a vacuum. Together we will work to understand how social and cultural structures impact your wellness, as well as how your life story influences how you show up in the world. All of your being, identities, and experiences are welcome here. 

As a person-centered therapist, I will always meet and accept where you are in your journey and extend my empathetic understanding. I am relational and collaborative, meaning I show up open to engaging in authentic exchange and respect the direction you would like to go in therapy. I aim to build a safe space to experience healing, engage in self-discovery, release unhealthy coping mechanisms, access ancestral knowledge, and build skills to increase resilience in the mind, body and spirit.

My approach is integrative, applying knowledge from a mix of modalities based on your unique needs. Some Western modalities I pull from include narrative therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, acceptance and commitment therapy, somatic therapy, and mindfulness therapy. Decolonizing mental health care is important to me. In my practice, this is reflected in my own journey of unlearning harmful Western teachings, continuously learning traditional healing practices, and incorporating culturally respectful approaches from Indigenous, Black, POC healers, and my own ancestral lineages. 

I would be honored to work with you and be a part of your healing journey.