Samantha Michaels (She/Her and They/Them)

Mental Wellness Admin Intern

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A little about me...

My parents immigrated to the US when they were children; my mother from Ethiopia and my father from Haiti.


They met in Chicago and that’s how I came into this world.


A passion of mine is healing work--whether that be on an individual or collective, community-wide level.


My daily moments of joy are through activities of self-expression, mindfulness, laughter with friends, rest, and hanging with my cat.

I am currently a first year MSW student at UW.

Approach to Therapy 


The core values that drive me and my work are growth and understanding. I’m always searching for ways to contribute better to the spaces I occupy whether that be in work, relationships, or the world in general. Additionally, I’m one who loves to keep learning about myself and others. This leads me to be an avid reader, a regular participant of cultural/artistic events, asking questions, and traveling whenever I get a chance. 


I’ve worked in nonprofit organizations, specifically supporting people healing from the traumatic effects of homelessness and other challenging life situations. I’ve also been able to support children internationally as a youth development volunteer with the Peace Corps and later as an ESL teacher in Morocco, South Korea, and Spain. Each of these experiences has impacted my life and work significantly. They’ve also, in their own way, taught me how healing begins with understanding the self and others around us.


As a Mental Wellness Admin Intern, I plan to support iNfinitely Well and its healers from behind the scenes. It’s my goal to help iNfinitely Well run smoothly so that the practitioners can focus on supporting clients and their growth. If I can contribute to the healing that iNfinitely Well provides, I’ll know I’ve succeeded in my internship.