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A delicious and simple four-week plan to support clients with a histamine intolerance.

Our Low Histamine Diet is based on the Histamine Restricted Diet by Dr. Janice Joneja, RD as outlined in "The Beginner's Guide to Histamine Intolerance" (2017). It removes all high histamine foods to manage the symptoms of those who have (or suspect they have) some intolerance to histamine.


This well-balanced four-week program contains a wide variety of delicious, colorful and fun low histamine recipes. All meals should be carefully stored as frozen leftovers or made fresh the day of.








This program was created using low histamine foods with the following principles in mind:


Whole Foods

Most fruits and vegetables are protected by their peels or skins from germs, and therefore histamine production. This program uses whole, unpeeled fresh fruits and vegetables since the early removal of skins or peels on produce can increase their histamine content. Peel and prepare your own fruits and vegetables close to eating when you can.


Avoid Fermented & Aged Foods

The presence of histamine and other biogenic amines increases with time. The fermentation process can also lead to high histamine levels. Dietary sources that are high in histamine include many aged and fermented foods and beverages such as cheeses, yogurt, processed meats, alcoholic beverages, sauerkraut, and soy. This program contains meals that are dairy-free and soy-free.


Fresh Protein Choices

Freshly cooked meat, poultry, and fish are safe to eat on a low histamine diet. This program avoids shellfish and frozen, processed, fermented, pickled, smoked, or salted/canned meats as these foods are high in histamine.



Certain food additives can release histamine. This program eliminates artificial flavorings, artificial colors such as tartrazine, and preservatives such as benzoates and sulfites.



Egg whites usually release histamine whereas egg yolks are usually safe. Eggs may either aid in the release of histamine or inhibit the enzymes needed to break it down. This program excludes eggs as they can cause histamine intolerance symptoms.

Low-Histamine Diet, Week 1

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