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A super-blend of herbs that heal and soothe the skin and provide gentle pain support. Holds the strong energy of grandmother’s/grandparent’s wisdom–human, spirit and plant. 


The Totah/Ke'éehe (grandmother/grandma in Mohawk and Cheyenne respectively) energy is so strong with this salve! It’s packed with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial plant grandparents that provide soothing and healing for minor wounds, scratches, scrapes, and rashes. It also very intentionally includes plants that can offer gentle support for painful and tense muscles, nerves and joints and bumps, bruises, arthritis, or wounding. 


This salve was inspired by my mama’s hands, (who is now also a grandmother). Her hands have offered so much love and labor to her kin and community, and like her mother, my grandmother, at times they need some tender loving care and pain support. It’s through my maternal line that my love and connection to plants come from, and I love the idea of calling on these grandparent plants to soothe the dry, scratched, and aching hands of my elders and loved ones. It also brings to mind my paternal grandmother, whose hands also labored so much for family and community, and always told us, “My mother used to say, many hands make light work!” I can’t wait to say that to my baby niece, and to say, “Your great grandma, and her mother before her used to say that!” 


Apply to sore muscles, joints, areas of nerve pain or wounds to ease pain. Apply to minor wounds, scrapes, scratches, rashes, skin inflammation, and extra dry patches for some skin healing support. Use within a year of purchase. 

Grandmother’s Hands Healing Skin and Pain Support Salve

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  • Ethically wildcrafted horsetail, ethically wildcrafted and homegrown yarrow, homegrown nettle, homegrown white sagebrush, organically sourced goldenwort (St John’s Wort), homegrown mugwort, homegrown marshmallow leaf, organic cold pressed olive oil, organic beeswax, organic coconut oil

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