Soak your cares away with the powerful healing qualities of Natural Dead Sea Bath Salts, scented with Mood Food therapeutic blends of essential oils.  Available with or without the powerful healing benefits of CBD Oil!


Choose your size!  Available in: 

  • 2-bath sachets with beautiful dried herbs & flowers - great gift for self & others!


  • 5-bath tub 


  • 10-bath tub


REST - Calming mood effect and relaxes the nerves. Promotes Rest, Relaxation, and Sound Sleep.


CALM - Helps regulate serum cortisol levels and reduce stress response.Great for adrenal issues, blood pressure, memory & stress.

WOKE - Promotes higher consciousness, alertness and awareness.Great for fatigue and energy shifting.


GRACE - Inspires grace, mercy & compassion for self and others. Promotes presence, patience, and contemplation.


BE - Great for uplifting low moods and feelings of seasonal sadness. Supports meditation, mindfulness and balance.


CHILL - Supports calming mood effects for relaxing the nerves. Great for anxiety, stress, and tension


FOCUS - Promotes deep concentration, calmness & clear thinking. Great for difficulties with paying attention & hyperactivity


INFINITY - Inspires inner-peace, sacred self-love & self-centering. Promotes spiritual connection, energetic balance & meditation.


CONTAINS: 100% Full Mineral Dead Sea Salts, Magnesium Epsom Salts, Bisodium Carbonate (Baking Soda), Dried Herbs & Flowers, Pure Essential Oils, and optional CBD Oil (Full Spectrum Organic Raw Hemp Infused Avocado Oil).

Dead Sea Bath Salts -/+ CBD Oil

  • As the holidays approach, you may experience delayed processing and shipping as we work hard to fill orders. 

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