Nacala Ayele (She/Her/Hers)

 Joy Actualization Coach 

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A little about me...

I was born and raised in Seattle Washington, Duwamish Territory, one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen-and I have traveled a lot! I come from a background of art, healing, service and activism.​

I am passionate about myself and my loved-ones taking time to deepen our gifts.  To gather and  to grow them so that after, and only after we have given the best of ourselves, to ourselves  we can go out into the world sharing our gifts from an abundant wealth of goodness. 

Approach to Therapy 

I am committed to Black, Indigenous and People of Color accessing and benefiting from their own gifts. Historically Black, and Brown people have been exploited not just for their bodies and land, but also for their talents and gifts. One of the many ways we have internalized this piece of oppression over time is to deny ourselves our own magic, only to utilize it in the service of others. 

As an African American/Unapologetically Black/cis-gendered Woman of African descent who has struggled with accessing my most joyful self from time to time, I have gathered a plethora of tools and gems to help me return to my loving magical self.  I know what it’s like to struggle for happiness and I know what it’s like to operate at the height of my magic. Through deep listening and thoughtful exploration we will collaborate to unearth the ways you have denied yourself your own magic, how that has kept you from living your most authentically fabulous life, and then we will  put plans in place to reconnect you to your own power. 

I believe that Joyful people who operate from their own genius have the power to transform not only themselves, but their families, communities and the world. I seek to help my clients design their lives around the things that bring them the most joy.