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Dr. Michelle Norman-Bryant  (She/Her), PsyD

Holistic Mental Health Therapist 

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A little about me...

As a clinical psychologist with 10 years of experience working with children, adolescents, and families, I take a holistic approach to therapy that integrates the physical, emotional, social (environmental), spiritual, and intellectual aspects of my clients in order to meet their behavioral and mental health challenges. I have a passion for working with adolescents with a range of socio-emotional, developmental, and behavioral health difficulties, and I am committed to creating and maintaining a culture of inclusion that respects and appreciates individuals’ uniqueness. 

In my free time, I enjoy spending time in silence, to think and process my own thoughts and feelings. I also enjoy reading, listening to music, traveling, and I value time with family and friends. For me, humor is therapeutic and healing, and I use it in my therapy when appropriate to build connections with my clients.  

Approach to Therapy 

I work from a trauma-informed approach and specialize in crisis intervention and management, to help individuals recognize the significant effects of trauma in their lives; to better address presenting problems; and to determine the next course of care that is client-centric and culturally responsive. I specialize in addressing behavioral health needs such as PTSD (i.e. domestic violence, unsafe living environments, bullying), Risk Taking Behavior, attention disorders, alcohol and chemical dependency, depression, and anxiety. As a clinical psychologist trained in several modalities, I apply the following to meet the needs of my clients: Attachment Regulation Competency (ARC), Solution-Focused Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Choice Therapy. I always tailor my approach as needed. 

I have a strong interest in working with adolescents who struggle with self-esteem (think and feel about self) and self-worth (how we value self) difficulties, in addition to other challenges. Womxn of color, and womxn in general, who have challenges seeing their own strength, especially when their trauma hides their beauty within, are also of interest. However, I work with most populations, including couples and adults.  

As a trained and passionate practitioner and scholar in the field of clinical psychology, my practice and expertise are informed by my 14 years of experience working with individuals, families, and adolescents, as well as training, presenting, and lecturing on issues such as mental health stigma, trauma minimization, and micro-aggressions in a therapeutic setting. I value my clients’ resilience, and work with them to meet them where they are at  in their therapeutic journey to enhance their strengths, utilizing an empowerment framework. 

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