Melany Bell (Them/They, Us/We, She/Her),

PwA Instructor & DEI Board, NTP, CGP

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Certified GAPS Practitioner 

A little about me...


Melany specializes in Neurological Nutrition having studied with groundbreaking Dr's: Natasha Campbell McBride, Neuro-surgeon & Author of "The GAPS Diet" and Jonathan Wright of The Tahoma Clinic Author, "Why Stomach Acid is Good for You". Ongoing training includes Body Ecology with Master Nutritionists - Donna Gates, Author - "Body Ecology" and  *Nutrition Response Testing: known Clinically as Applied Kinesiology with Dr. Fred Ulan, etc.


Melany’s passion is to assist the GLOBAL BIPOC community toward optimum health. 

Approach to Therapy 

I am a Gut & Psychology Practitioner. When the Gut is HEALTHY all other functions manage themselves. From weight loss to immune function to mental health, healing the Gut is the first step.


The approach to health is what I like to call "Designed, Clinical, Nutrition". A session include:


  • In depth dietary consulting, menu planning and strategic goal setting toward application

  • Clinical evaluation  as Applied Kinesiology and, if needed, Practitioner exclusive whole food supplement recommendations based on your individual findings

  • Tools for success i.e. tested recipes, books, educational materials/protocols, guided detoxification (when needed), product guides, motivational case studies, online support etc.



My greatest desire is that you will be able to maintain your own health.


Each session is geared toward helping you take the next step in your journey toward independent health .