We recognize that counseling services may be an additional expense that not everyone can afford in their time of need. In effort to make our services available and accessible to those in need, our clinicians occasionally make exceptions to our rates of up to 50% of the regular fees for private pay students and clients with low income or financial hardship.


Additionally, our clinicians provide mentoring and teaching for Masters of Social Work (and related counseling fields) Students and pre-licensed Associates to learn the practical applications of the fundamentals of therapy in a POC private practice setting.


Students and Associates provide short-term mental health counseling, evaluation and assessments, building relationships with both clients and the community, and serving as community liaisons by providing support and resources for clients in need.


These services are offered at a very low/no cost, so we may reach further into our community and provide services to those who may not otherwise afford it or have access to mental health care or resources.


Counseling needs vary widely.  Schedule a complimentary phone consultation to see if we’re a good fit for your needs. 

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