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Lindsay's Plant Medicine

Some of my earliest memories are getting to know the plants that lushly spread over the Entiat/Wenatchi lands that raised me in so-called Eastern Washington state, and asking my mother and grandmother (plant workers themselves) what to call them and how they supported us. This began a journey of growing awareness of how plant medicines are beautiful relatives to access for our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. As individual and varied as people are, each plant has unique properties for physical and energetic support that they offer in community with us. Being in relationship with healing plants is a powerful experience that nourishes our bodies and spirits as well as helps us ground ourselves into the relational circle that we hold with all other life. 


With this in mind, and in gratitude for the knowledge I’ve received and continue to receive from my teachers, I am excited to humbly share a variety of plant medicines under my plantwork label, Bitterroot Healing! I am excited to let these offerings out into the world to support our rest, healing, and reclamation of our ancestral connections to our plant relatives. I hope to offer a range of plant support from essences to support your spirit, tinctures to offer you the medicinal support of our plant relatives, and maybe even some smoke medicine and skin care items! These will be small batch offerings, reflective of the offerings of the seasons in the wild and my work as a one-woman tender of a small urban medicine garden.  


Remember as you take these medicines that, truly, we are all plant people, whose ancestors hold earth-based teachings from the beginning of time even if we haven’t always been aware of this. I hope you find nourishment, connection and healing through these medicines. 


Plant Medicine

The statements and information provided about this product have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease. Always consult your physician before starting any new health regimen or practice, especially if pregnant, nursing, or taking pharmaceuticals.

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