ShaConda Nelson (She/Her)

Life Coach

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A little about me...

Stillness is where I like to be, and meditation is the vehicle I use to get there!
I am a homeschooling mom who started way before a global pandemic ever existed, an organization geek (even though I never feel organized), and a lover of all things Digital Marketing. 
I am a certified Life Coach who finds joy in helping people just like you reach their goals, shine brighter and be the change that they wish to receive in the world. 
You are the only one who knows the way to allow your greatness to flow into the world!

Does Holistic Wellness lead to

How often have you said that you would start eating more fruits and vegetables?

Or maybe you have said repeatedly that you want to have a deeper connection with your relationships with others?

Perhaps you don't need counseling, but you want to work on your mental well-being by developing a growth mindset.

We all have moments where we want to make a change… 
It is always easier said than done, right?

That may be because you have been attempting to do it all independently. 

Do you yearn to finally reach your goals of being whole and living

a Holistic Lifestyle that is right for you?


Then, "The Path To Wholeness" Life Coaching Program is perfect for you.

If you answer YES to any of the below, you need this…

   ✓ You want to improve your health.

   ✓ You want to become a better and more fulfilled person.

   ✓ You know that you need to be conscious.

   ✓ You want to have the chance to live a more empowered life.

   ✓ You want to learn how to start being mindful of your lifestyle inputs.


We build the habits that transform lifestyles!

With this program:

   ✓ You are going to understand the importance of Lifestyle.

   ✓ You will learn to identify lifestyle inputs.

   ✓ You will appreciate the spiritual component of wellness.

   ✓ You can begin to understand the body-and-mind connection.

   ✓ You are going to know precisely how to live a more empowered life.

   ✓ Most importantly, you receive a goal-centered approach and start implementing a consistent Holistic Wellness lifestyle change into your everyday life. 


You will receive:

  • (1) 90-minute session to begin where we will Dive deep into your desires, wishes, and goals of a holistic wellness lifestyle. You will walk away from the call with a plan of action of what daily steps you will take to begin to create this newly found habit into a lifestyle.

  • (5) Sessions for the rest of our time together once per week to go over what Wholeness is and what it can look like for you in each area of your life. 

       During these sessions, we will also strategies for any roadblocks that come up along the way that might derail you from continuing to implement this new lifestyle change.

  • Unlimited Text and email support from our six weeks working together. These text messages and emails can keep you accountable for your goal, help when times get tough and encourage you to keep moving forward with your plan.

  • ​Through our time together, you will also receive resources to help you move through your journey with more grace and ease. 


Schedule your Free 30-minute Discovery Call,

and let's see if we are an excellent fit to embark on your new lifestyle journey together.

Spaces are limited!