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Meet the iNfinitely Well Healing Artists Founding Members

iNfinitely Well networks with HEALTH & WELLNESS PROVIDERS OF COLOR.

Our network includes providers of many disciplines across the country.

iNfinitely Well facilitates the connections of practitioners of color through cross promotion and partnerships.

We develop trainings led by members, share resources and referrals.

We work independently and collaboratively with individuals, groups and businesses - all in service of uplifting people of color.

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Nichelle Alderson, FNTP, LICSW


Founder & Executive Director

Nichelle Headshot tree 2017.JPG

Nichelle Alderson is the Executive Director and Founder of iNfinitely Well Healing Artist, a network of Holistic Health & Wellness providers of color.  She began her quest to develop this diverse network of Healing Artists in 2006, with the vision is to bridge Healing Artists of color with clients and communities of color seeking holistic health and wellness services.  

Nichelle is a Licensed Social Worker specializing in work with artist and creative entrepreneurs.  She enjoys working with adults individually and in groups towards achieving personal and professional success. She has extensive training and experience with Black/African American studies and culture, Artists & Artistpreneuers, Non-traditional/blended families, Ex-offenders, and Veterans.

Felecia Lenee

Body & Mind Massage Therapist

Felecia - Headshot- hippie smiling_cropp

Felecia Lenee is a healer and a licensed massage therapist with a focus on energy balancing.  Recently, Felecia Lenee was hospitalized with an autoimmune illness, that left her paralyzed in a wheelchair for over four months. Inspired by her own personal recovery story, she has returned to the stage performing “motivational” stand-up comedy and spoken word. Also as a result of her phenomenal recovery in such a remarkable short period of time, Felecia has successfully developed an experience that combines her intuitive healing abilities and artistic gifts to help others transform and free themselves from their current unhealthy situations in order to reduce and in some cases alleviate pain and discomfort in their bodies completely through a specific treatment, she calls "Mind Massages". It has been very affective for those suffering with insomnia, depression and physical aliments such as joint paint, inflammation, fatigue, and etc.

Keonna Jackson

Coach, Speaker & Advocate

Keonna Jackson_headshot.jpg

Keonna Jackson The Coach is a dynamic transformative speaker and advocate. She is committed to transforming lives by helping her clients uncover what blocks them from making their dreams a reality.  She believes we are unlimited in our ability to accomplish our goals and she looks for opportunities to walk along side of you to see, point out and guide you towards those possibilities until you see them for yourself.  She primary uses fitness to empower, inspire and motivate her clients to M.O.V.E into the body & life THEY desire!!  For more information on her coaching practice, please visit

Monique Franklin.jpg

Poet and artist Monique Franklin, also known as Verbal Oasis, hails from Seattle, Washington. She is a member of African American Writer's Alliance and is published in their latest anthology "Threads". She has published two volumes of poetry entitled “Acoustic Accolades” and “Erotic Annals of a Poet”. She also has released a live album of poetry accompanied by a 3-piece Jazz band entitled Acoustic Accolades Volume 1. She currently co-host and co-produces Afrodisiac Erotic Poetry Show Celebrating the Diversity and sexuality of People of Color (Afrodisiac Seattle on Facebook). The subject matter of her poetry stems from the rich spectrum of her life experiences. In 2014 she was selected for the 4Culture touring artist roster and the CD Forum's Creation Project. This woman is a creative soul. Monique is also the owner and operator of Inspired Child, an arts organization which has been providing arts events for youth and families since 2006. She has over 20 years of experience organizing and leading youth arts activities in variety of settings, such as, Schools, Community Centers, and outdoor parks. She views her art and her vocation as an educator as a vehicle for social change.

Yoga & Pilates Instructror


Michelle discovered yoga in 2002 when recovering from hip misalignment due to her labor and delivery of her 3rd son. She found that her practice not only healed and balanced her body, realigning it, but that it calmed her mind, energized her body and brought her back to “whole”. She began teaching yoga in 2005 and Pilates in 2007 and is owner of Miss Chelle’s Yoga & Pilates. Michelle hopes to help her students feel the same “whole-ness” and balance she is grateful for every day. 

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Certified GAPS Practitioner

Food Is First | 206.288.3166 |

Melany Bell -Headshot.jpeg

Right now, I practice as a Nutritional Therapist with a specialization in Gut & Psychology Syndrome, 5 days a week .  Here's how that started: 

After 22 years of personal and professional study, I received my NTP certification in 2011 from, The Nutritional Therapy Association or NTA . I concluded my internship  in 2012  at Robust Life Center; under the guidance of  Nutritionist  -  Sam Zeiler, MS- Author of "Multiple Sclerosis, A Love Story". I studied Body Ecology & *NRT simultaneously with Nutritionist -  Vicki Lunsford-Hartzog, NTP, Body Ecology Coach, BEDrock Founder, and an Advanced Clinical Training Practitioner of, Nutrition Response Testing/*NRT - 2010, 2011 & 2012 

•Became a GAPS Practitioner with Dr. Natasha Campbell-Mcbride , in 2012.  ( the woman who wrote the book on the subject of Gut and Psychology Syndrome)  . 

•I completed the Intermediate level of *NRT,  a form of Applied Kinesiology created by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt

•Currently working, for the second year as a, group leader/assistant  teacher to John Tjenos for NTA. 

My background in nutrition, began at 18 with Dr. Jonathan Wright, author of: "Why Stomach Acid is Good for You" & Founder of the Tahoma Clinic in Kent, WA. I worked for him as a lab assistant my Sr. year of high school. There I learned the basic principles of raw foodism and some basics on healing the body with food and herbs. So inspired by the results, I began to earnestly study nutrition with the guidance of many "health" books, lectures & friends. HerbPharm's, "Therapeutic Herb Manual" & Dr. Norman Walker's, "Juicing for life" were priceless and worn. I was sucking down juices and herbs while feeding them to my friends and family. The books themselves were thin little treaties on health and healing. Nearly insignificant, in their thickness, the simplicity made the maintenance of the physical apparatus straightforward. I loved that. 


Master of Fine Arts-Theatre Pedagogy | 206-227-2530 |


Olisa has experience teaching students of all ages, from infancy to adulthood. Her teaching, of any subject, incorporates principles of community and shared responsibility.

Voice and Speech
Performance- Acting/Directing

Ritual Poetic Drama Within the African Continnuum
Archetypes for the Actor/Singer
Poetic Texts
Black Theatre
Intercultural communications/ issues of Diversity and Racism
International Phonetic Alphabet
Hip-Hop Shakespeare

Diplomate in Clinical Social Work (NASW)

Board Certified Diplomate (ABE)

Certified Trauma Specialist (ATSS)

2711 East Madison Street, Suite 206

Seattle, WA 98112 | 206-723-8448 |


Dr. Kane has maintained a private practice since 1985 working with individuals, couples and families.  His theoretical framework is self-relational psychotherapy which is integrative and reflecting themes based on psychodynamic, reality, and cognitive-behavioral approaches.  Dr. Kane's specialties include domestic violence, anger management, depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and loss, and ethnic minority mental health issues.  He has experience in gay/bisexual concerns as well as biracial relationship issues.  Dr. Kane's research interests are focused on the integration of trauma and domestic violence and its implications within the African -American community. 

My specialties include domestic violence, anger management, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, sexual abuse (male & female) and trauma. I also have extensive experience in working with the LGBT community and issues impacting biracial and bicultural individuals. My research interests are focused on complex trauma and veterans of military service, as well as the integration of complex trauma and domestic violence and its impact with ethnic minority communities. My most recent publication “Our Blood Flows Red: African-American Men in Military Service, Clinical Implications For Working with African-American Veterans with Complex Trauma" (2010). I am currently working on a peer review journal article which focus is on historical and intergenerational trauma.

Executive Coaching - Leadership Development 

Organizational Development/Change - Training

Career Coaching - Life Coaching

206-941-3422 |


LaVonne’s passions include cultures, people, a lifetime of learning and international travel ranging from Israel to Africa and India to New Zealand. Along the way, LaVonne continues to gain insights on behaviors exercised across the globe. Through her natural curiosity and sincere interest in others, LaVonne helps affect the lives around the world.

Life Coach, Psychotherapist
206-778-2686 |

sam louie.jpg

Sam Louie is a psychotherapist who received his Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in marriage & family therapy from Azusa Pacific University in Southern California.  He is also a specialist in Multicultural Sex Addiction and Asian-American issues.

Sam offers individual, couples, and group therapy as a means to help clients process their relational and individual goals.

Mission Statement: 

Sam offers individual, couples, and group therapy as a means to help clients process their relational and individual goals.

Mental Health

Teaching Artist | 206.285.0171 | 


As a product of “tiger” parenting, I understand the pressures that are typical in Asian families.  My deep wish is to help my clients heal from the pain of feeling like they were only rewarded for high performance.  I help clients develop of a stronger internal sense of self love and self-appreciation in order to live more fully and congruently. 

The diversity of my life experience helps me support my clients more effectively.  I was born in Taiwan and immigrated to Canada when I was an infant. Before earning my master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, I completed an undergraduate degree in International Relations and English Literature and a combined law degree and master’s degree focused on international law. I have lived in Singapore, Taipei, Beijing, Bangkok and Maastricht (Netherlands). I have worked in the fields of law, international relations, business, technology, marketing, real estate sales and education.  I understand the stress and pressure of high demand professions.  I also understand the challenges of cross-cultural communication from my experience as an immigrant, as a minority, and as a partner in a bi-cultural marriage.  I offer individual psychotherapy for people of color, women and professionals.  For more information: www.SeattleWomensCounseling,com.

In addition to individual psychotherapy, my husband and I offer two on two couples counseling.  For more information on how we help couples bridge their differences, check out our website at  

Mission Statement:

To provide people of color, particularly of Asian descent, with support to thrive in a world where there is often systemic pressure working against personal success and happiness.  Growing up in an Asian context, I was always told not to show negative aspects of myself or my family to the outside world.  I was not surprised to learn that Asian Americans are three times less likely to look for help for their emotional or mental health issues (American Psychological Association).  This is deeply concerning since suicide is the 8th leading cause of death for Asian Americans. U.S. born Asian American women had a higher lifetime rate of suicidal thoughts than the general population (Asian American Psychological Association). Help exists.  I offer a place where all of you is welcome.

Mental Health

Teaching Artist

Email Delton

iNfinitely Well in lotus on water.jpg

Delton L. Mosby is a painter for social justice. His works challenge classism, ageism, racism, homophobia, discrimination against people with disabilities (visible and non-visible), sexism, and sizeism. He was born in Little Rock, Arkansas and has resided in Seattle since the early 1980’s. Delton currently works as an advocate, a Social Worker, and a Mental Health Professional. He is also a poet, a musician, and a visual artist. Delton has also completed the Master’s Degree of Social Work at the University of Washington, and although he is not a formally trained painter, he has a lengthy list of artistic influences. His fascination with the Harlem Renaissance Painters has driven his style. Through his work, Delton aims to uplift broken communities, families, and individuals.

Mission Statement:

Uplifting broken communities, families, and individuals.


Our Model works in the spirit and principle of Sankofa, “to go back for” and undo harm in our Umoja, “community”, so that we may truly be iNfinitely Well!

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