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Happy Family

About Us

We provide treatment
tailored to the individual.

We specialize in HOLISTIC HEALTH & WELLNESS through advocacy, leadership and facilitation.

We offer services and workshops that address the concerns of the people of color within our communities.

Our mission is to PROMOTE and PROVIDE holistic health & wellness products, services, 

and events for People of Color. We strive to improve holistic health and wellness conditions in communities of color by providing accessible and relatable services.​

Meet our Hoslistic Wellness Team

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Founder, Holistic Health Therapist, Coach & Consultant

I am passionate about health, nutrition, and social justice.  As a therapist, coach, and educator, I love helping people of color realize their dreams and achieve their lifestyle, wellness, and business goals.I founded iNfinitely Well with the intention of providing and promoting holistic health & wellness products and services that improve the conditions of communities of color.

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Holistic Clinical Psychologist

As a clinical psychologist with 10 years of experience working with children, adolescents, and families, I take a holistic approach to therapy that integrates the physical, emotional, social (environmental), spiritual, and intellectual aspects of my clients in order to meet their behavioral and mental health challenges. I am committed to creating and maintaining a culture of inclusion.


Holistic Mental Wellness Counselor

Héehe’e, ná-másetsėstov (hello, I welcome you)! I am so glad you are here. I am a mixed Indigenous mental health therapist and plant worker currently living on occupied Coast Salish lands. I do this work because we need and deserve access to healing providers and spaces that don’t replicate the oppressive systems that impact us.


I am a Black womxn residing upon unceded Duwamish lands. I whole-heartedly believe in the following three things: decolonizing therapeutic practices, body-centered restorative wellness and trauma informed collective care. My advocacy of decolonizing therapy encompasses acknowledging the historical trauma and systemic oppression that are projected upon our bodies and that impact our mental wellness.  

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I believe that everyone can benefit from and deserves therapy. I see therapy as a process of reflection, self-discovery, and healing. My goal as a therapist is to create an environment where you can have space for yourself to see your own path forward, and to look at and process your path so far. My approach to therapy is reflective, client centered, and trauma informed. I use an anti-capitalist lens and I am passionate about social justice. 


I provide holistic telehealth counseling to clients seeking change for the better. I have the privilege of working with clients facing challenges in mental health, stress, relationships, trauma, self-confidence, career satisfaction, and overall wellness. My work is from a lens of social justice and decolonization which means clients are always in the driver's seat when in session and our work together is collaborative.

Biography and Introduction coming soon


Biography and Introduction coming soon

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Deja was a sweet gentle old lady.  Always ready to greet you with a welcoming sniff and sit calmly in session, with warmth and  compassion.  She has transitioned from the physical, but her beautiful spirit remains, and she trained her compassionate animal successor well before passing on.    

Join our team!

We are accepting applications for administrative support, and have limited spaces available for Interns, Externs, and Masters Level Associate Clinicians, Certified Coaches, and Nutritional Therapy Practitioners.

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