Annie Malecek

Mental Wellness Counselor Intern

Trying to return to my inner child like…
A little about me...

I am a transracial Korean American adoptee who was raised in the heart of Chicago. I grew up in a home with two loving and wonderfully complex white parents and a brother who I consider to be my OG confidant and co-conspirator. 
I am a second year MSW student at the University of Washington and found my way to this work through my own healing journey. As a woman of color, first generation immigrant, survivor of colonization, and transracial adoptee,


I am on a life’s quest to return to my original truths. Throughout my lifetime, I have taken on various identities, narratives, and beliefs that were necessary for my survival, however were not of my own creation. I too am on my own path of returning home to myself and have found healing and liberation through cultivating kimchi recipes, surrounding myself with other creatives and healers, cooking, yoga, dance, sewing, soccer, and therapy. These outlets, while constantly evolving, allow me to cultivate a deeper sense of what it means to be alive and to live closest to my personal truth in this season of life. 

Approach to Therapy 

My approach centers you as the expert of: your body, your experience, your healing journey. I am compassionate, self-reflexive, patient, warm, affirming, and nonjudgmental. I view my role as a healer as one of the highest honors and privileges I will experience in my lifetime. I am here to hold a safe space for you to return home to yourself and wholeheartedly believe that you already have all the wisdom needed to do so.