About Us

Our mission is to PROMOTE and PROVIDE holistic health & wellness products, services,

and events for People of Color.

We strive to improve holistic health and wellness conditions in communities of color by providing accessible and relatable services.

Our VISION is to expand our network of Health & Wellness professionals of color throughout the world, creating opportunities to connect, serve, consult, and present worldwide.

We offer sliding scale and no/low cost services in effort to provide accessible services within our community.  

Meet our Holistic Wellness Team

We specialize in HOLISTIC HEALTH & WELLNESS through advocacy, leadership and facilitation.

We offer services and workshops that address the concerns of the people of color within our communities.

Founder, Holistic Health Therapist, Coach & Consultant

I am passionate about health, nutrition, and social justice.  As a therapist, coach, and educator, I love helping people of color realize their dreams and achieve their lifestyle, wellness, and business goals.  I founded iNfinitely Well with the intention of providing and promoting holistic health & wellness products and services that improve the conditions of communities of color.

Holistic Clinical Psychologist

As a clinical psychologist with 10 years of experience working with children, adolescents, and families, I take a holistic approach to therapy that integrates the physical, emotional, social (environmental), spiritual, and intellectual aspects of my clients in order to meet their behavioral and mental health challenges. I have a passion for working with adults and adolescents with a range of socio-emotional, developmental, and behavioral health difficulties, and I am committed to creating and maintaining a culture of inclusion that respects and appreciates individuals’ uniqueness.

Holistic Mental Wellness Therapist

I am a mixed Indigenous woman living on unceded Duwamish lands. I’m passionate about providing trauma informed healing services that acknowledge and incorporate a personal and professional awareness of how historical trauma and systemic oppression impact mental health. I have particular interest in supporting the nuances of Indigenous and mixed race identity, and the trauma of broken lineages and disconnect. 

Holistic Mental Wellness Therapist

I am a child of Filipino immigrants. I was born and raised on the traditional land of the first people of Seattle, the Duwamish People. 

I have an interest in serving communities of color, immigrants, families and artists. I am passionate about social justice and equity issues, and self-preservation strategies for helping professionals experiencing aggressions, burnout, and compassion fatigue. 

I aim to create a container to process the untold- to acknowledge the unheard voices of emotions so that bridges of understanding can be built with compassion and affirmation.

Beth Yu Simpson

Holistic Mental Wellness Therapist

Watch for my bio coming soon!

Danielle Huston Fisher, MSW, LSWAIC

Holistic Mental Wellness Therapist

Watch for my bio coming soon!

Holistic Health & Social Work Intern

I identify as Black and Ethiopian-American and understands the complexities of being Black in America while honoring my Ethiopian roots. I am currently a graduate student in the School of Social Work at the University of Washington studying Integrative Health-Mental Health Advanced Practices which examines environmental, mind-body-spirit-cultural integrative practices.

Yolanda Barton

Communication Strategist & Virtual Assistant

Supporting our team from behind the scenes

Senior Holistic Compassionate Animal

Deja was a sweet gentle old lady.  Always ready to greet you with a welcoming sniff and sit calmly in session, with warmth and  compassion.  She has transitioned from the physical, but her beautiful spirit remains, and she trained her compassionate animal successor well before passing on.    


Want to add to her memorial?  Share your favorite story, memory or picture! 




Join our Holistic Wellness Team

Are you a healing artist of color looking to join a supportive POC centered group practice?

We are accepting applications for administrative support, and have limited spaces available for Interns, Externs, and Masters Level Associate Clinicians, Certified Coaches, and Nutritional Therapy Practitioners.

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