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About Us

Our mission is to PROMOTE and PROVIDE holistic health & wellness products, services,

and events for People of Color.

We strive to improve holistic health and wellness conditions in communities of color by providing accessible and relatable services.

Our VISION is to expand our network of Health & Wellness professionals of color throughout the world, creating opportunities to connect, serve, consult, and present worldwide.

We offer sliding scale and no/low cost services in effort to provide accessible services within our community.  

Meet our Holistic Wellness Team

We specialize in HOLISTIC HEALTH & WELLNESS through advocacy, leadership and facilitation.

We offer services and workshops that address the concerns of the people of color within our communities.

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Founder, Holistic Health Therapist, Coach & Consultant

I am passionate about health, nutrition, and social justice.  As a therapist, coach, and educator, I love helping people of color realize their dreams and achieve their lifestyle, wellness, and business goals.  I founded iNfinitely Well with the intention of providing and promoting holistic health & wellness products and services that improve the conditions of communities of color.

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Holistic Clinical Psychologist

As a clinical psychologist with 10 years of experience working with children, adolescents, and families, I take a holistic approach to therapy that integrates the physical, emotional, social (environmental), spiritual, and intellectual aspects of my clients in order to meet their behavioral and mental health challenges. I have a passion for working with adults and adolescents with a range of socio-emotional, developmental, and behavioral health difficulties, and I am committed to creating and maintaining a culture of inclusion that respects and appreciates individuals’ uniqueness.

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Holistic Mental Wellness Counselor

“Hope is a discipline”--Miriame Kaba
Héehe’e, ná-másetsėstov (hello, I welcome you)! I am so glad you are here. I am a mixed Indigenous mental health therapist and plant worker currently living on occupied Coast Salish lands. I do this work because we need and deserve access to healing providers and spaces that don’t replicate the oppressive systems that impact us. I describe myself as a wounded healer, one who carries intimate personal experience and knowledge of historical, interpersonal and intergenerational trauma. I work to hold empathic spaces of liberation through healing, to support a brave honoring of your whole self and your strength, knowledge and power. Within the layers and nuances of your lived truth, you carry deep wells of medicine that can chart a return to a calm, supported, healing mind, heart and spirit that is your ancestral birthright. In creative and tender ways we can facilitate a deeper connection with your own rhythms and intuition. I hope you will click through to read more of my story around my work. 

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Holistic Mental Wellness Counselor

I am a Korean transracial adoptee raised in the Pacific Northwest, grateful to be living and working on the traditional land of the Duwamish people past and present. I am passionate about supporting individuals who are seeking holistic emotional and spiritual healing. Client led and centered; I aim to create a space to support you through your personal journey of healing.


Solution and outcome focused, I believe in the power we receive from: understanding our stories/history, embracing our power,  learning to love ourselves, and  receiving the gifts of our ancestors.  I am interested in working with those impacted by adoption, empaths, and people of color. 


Holistic Mental Wellness Counselor
ZOLA Experience Ambassador

I am a Black womxn residing upon unceded Duwamish lands. I whole-heartedly believe in the following three things: decolonizing therapeutic practices, body-centered restorative wellness and trauma informed collective care.   


My advocacy of decolonizing therapy encompasses acknowledging the historical trauma and systemic oppression that are projected upon our bodies and that impact our mental wellness. I am here to collaborate with you. I am here to witness you as an expert who is unlearning internalized oppression while relearning a collective healing and restorative framework for your life. 


Holistic Mental Wellness Counselor

ZOLA Experience Ambassador

I believe therapy is a working journey that we undertake because we desire growth, change, healing and/or insight. I like to focus on what my clients would like to achieve rather than on their troubles. I help my clients  envision a desirable future and then map out the small and large changes necessary to realize their vision. I will build upon and help identify strengths while highlighting all successes along the way;  while engaging  in trauma care as needed. 


I enjoy working with young adults and adults of color who feel stuck or like their life is chaotic. So, if you don’t know where to start or can follow a plan but have a hard time creating one I am the person for you.  


Holistic Mental Wellness Counselor

I believe that everyone can benefit from and deserves therapy. I see therapy as a process of reflection, self-discovery, and healing. My goal as a therapist is to create an environment where you can have space for yourself to see your own path forward, and to look at and process your path so far. My approach to therapy is reflective, client centered, and trauma informed. I use an anti-capitalist lens and I am passionate about social justice. I am interested in working with adoptees, people of color, and young adults. 
It is important to me that you find the right therapist for you. And in the spirit of this, here is some more information about my identities and life. I am a Chinese transracial adoptee raised in the midwest. I moved to Seattle as an adult and am honored to be living on the unceded ancestral lands of the Duwamish people past and present. I enjoy nature, eating food, and spending time with my dog.

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Holistic Mental Wellness Intern

I’m currently working toward my Masters in Social Work while specializing in Community-Centered Integrative Practice. This focus helps me work with fellow travelers–those journeying through life’s varying phases and relationships–from a lens of decolonization, transformative justice, and mental wellness that is holistic and person-centered.


I am a Black woman and a daughter of immigrants. Chicago is my hometown however, my nomadic spirit has led me to also live in South Korea, Morocco, and Spain. My three years on unceded Duwamish land have led me to connect with my love for art, social justice, and collective liberation. On a given day, you can catch me painting, practicing yoga & meditation, or playing with my two cats, Phoebe and Peanut.

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Holistic Mental Wellness Intern

I grew up on the East Coast and relocated to Seattle six years ago to continue my journey of embracing my identity as a Chinese American transracial adoptee. 
I am pursuing the clinical track as a first-year MSW student at the University of Washington. I hope to give back to my community and create a supportive, safe space for BIPOC individuals to explore and embrace their whole selves. I look forward to my continued learning through a social justice lens of community collaboration and collective healing. 

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Holistic Mental Wellness Intern

I am a first-year MSW student at the University of Washington. I am an immigrant who came to America at the age of two. Growing up, I knew that I have always wanted to make an impact in people's lives. My personal experiences have informed me that there is not one way of healing, as we are always told. My goal as an intern is to learn the various ways of healing and understanding how intergenerational trauma can affect us. 
My personal experiences have fueled my passion to decolonize therapy and explore various holistic ways of healing. To bring what I have learned back into my community with hopes to become the person my community needs in order to heal from the historical & intergenerational that may have been placed before them. 


Serena -About Us

Holistic Mental Wellness Intern

Hi! My name is Serena Fangary (she/her), and I am a first-year MSW student at the University of Washington. I am a Middle Eastern cis woman who has grown up in Los Angeles, California for the majority of my life. As a current MSW student, I am incredibly passionate about working with individuals of color to uplift the voices of marginalized communities within our society through holistic healing practices. I have had previous experience working with youth of color in low-income school districts as a restorative justice specialist and have been working toward understanding the clinical side of social work as I would like to work in a private practice post-graduation. I am an empathic and nurturing person who works to understand client’s life experiences as a way of incorporating healing practices into everyday activities. 


Holistic Administrative Assistant

Supporting our team from behind the scenes.


Holistic Administrative Assistant

Supporting our team from behind the scenes.


Senior Holistic Compassionate Animal

Deja was a sweet gentle old lady.  Always ready to greet you with a welcoming sniff and sit calmly in session, with warmth and  compassion.  She has transitioned from the physical, but her beautiful spirit remains, and she trained her compassionate animal successor well before passing on.    


Want to add to her memorial?  Share your favorite story, memory or picture! 


Join our Holistic Wellness Team

Are you a healing artist of color looking to join a supportive POC centered group practice?

We are accepting applications for administrative support, and have limited spaces available for Interns, Externs, and Masters Level Associate Clinicians, Certified Coaches, and Nutritional Therapy Practitioners.


Holistic Health & Social Work Intern

Infinitely Well's Internship program is designed to foster the advancement of social justice through health and wellness advocacy for unique challenges facing communities of color. iNfinitely Well aims to train and empower students from underrepresented economic, racial and ethnic minority groups.

Infinitely Well Holistic Health Interns support our work in tremendous ways.  As future practitioners, they are learning to provide holistic BIPOC centered services.  Interns support with administrative duties, case management, clinical support, and more.  Occasionally, appropriately trained and supervised Interns provide low/no cost services to Individual and groups.   

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